Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why I Support NYCLetEmPlay

I have long had a vision of schools in the Bronx, and other high needs communities as places where students have full access to sports, the arts, counseling, and all the things that children get in private schools and well funded public high schools. The organization NYCLetEmPlay, which has been around for 3 years, but has recently gotten major media attention, is fighting hard to make sure students in those schools get the opportunity to play on interscholastic teams, an opportunity currently denied to many of them, especially in the small themed schools which were created when large high schools were broken up. I fully support their endeavors and will help them put additional pressure on school officials and find new sources of funding. In too many schools in the Bronx, students are demoralized by testing and test prep and have few opportunities to release tension through exercise or explore their talents through the arts and athletic competition. This is a prescription for disaster, It makes students hate school and stifles their potential to cultivate their talents in activities they have a real passion for. NYCLetEmPlay is one of the first grass roots protest movement in New York City and state which directly challenges the damaging environment in high needs schools created by excessive testing and lack of opportunity in sports and the arts. I will do everything I can to help this organization get its message accross.

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