Saturday, April 11, 2015

Generic Protest Letter Against "Sit and Stare"


It has come to my attention that the ........ District has adopted a "Sit and Stare" policy for those students whose families have have chosen to opt them out of state tests or have chosen to opt out themselves. As a resident of  . . . . . and someone who has long involvement with education policy issues, I would like to strongly protest this policy

Opting out of tests as a method of protesting excessive testing is a movement that is sweeping through  the nation, endorsed by groups like Citizens Action  and  Network for Public Education as well as teachers unions. It represents a powerful act of conscience that should be treated with respect not punitive action. Many school districts have gone out of their way to show their respect for students and families who make this choice.    ............. should follow their example.

The ........ school district has an excellent reputation among residents of the district and people around the state. That reputation will be instantly jeopardized if you follow through with a "Sit and Stare" policies. I will not be the only one to publiclize your actions should the district adopt a policy this punitive at a time when hundreds of thousands of students around the nation are opting out of state tests.

Test Resistance, of which Opting Out is one important form, is one of the great justice movements of our time It is deeply disappointing that a district in which I reside, and whose policies I have long respected, has chosen to punish students and families who participate in it