Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donald Trump and "Hamilton's" America

After watching Donald Trump in the debates, I thought he was more pathetic than dangerous. Here was a 70 year old man, and not a particularly healthy one at that, convinced he was on a sacred mission to "save" his country, who was running out of time and whose powers were failing. Yes, he is a demagogue and a bully who appeals to some of the worst instincts in people, but he could not bully Hillary Clinton and, if by some chance he is elected President, will not be able to bully elected officials, educators, religious leaders, people in the arts, or ordinary citizens who find his plans and rhetoric abhorrent..
If Donald Trump were 40 years old and presenting the same message, I would be a lot more scared.
But he is 70 years old and represents a fading past, not the future, We are and will remain a multiracial society, one that welcomes immigrants, one where peoples and cultures mix, one where people who are stimatized because of their identities will be supported and defended by many of their fellow citizens.
The America that made "Hamilton" the most popular Broadway show in years is not disappearing because of Mr Trump's ascendency. We are are strong, we are resilent, and in the long run we will prevail.
And that is true whether or not Donald Trump is elected President.

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