Monday, September 26, 2016

The Dems, this Election, and Attacks on Public Education:

If Hillary Clinton loses this election, as well she might, I hope analysts will look to the 8 year long war on teachers and public education as a factor, waged not only by Barack Oabma and Arne Duncan, but teacher hating politicians like Rahm Emmanuel, Andrew Cuomo, and Dannel Malloy, supported even by people on the "left" of the Democratic Party like Al Franken- a huge Teach for America supporter- and Elizabeth Warren- a defender of test based teacher evaluations. And while, as my friend Jonathan Massey predicts, many teachers will still ultimately vote for Hillary Clinton, the DP's stance has sapped their energy, enthusiasm and willingness to tap their pocketbooks, all actions necessary in a close campaign. I wish I didn't have to say this, because I think Donald Trump is a disastrous candidate who would make an even more disastrous President, but the scores of emails I get per day from the Democratic Party shows the DP is clueless as to the impact of the policies they have supported on the millions of Americans who are public school teachers and milions more in families where someone teaches
The icing on the cake- no one in the DP, including Ms Clinton, is intervening to prevent Rahm Emmanuel from provoking a teachers strike in the middle of a Presidential election. Sheer insanity!
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James Horn said...

Dam Party is not clueless--they don't give a shit about how little people they have crushed.