Thursday, September 15, 2016

LIU Lock Out Is Over!

In the face of courageous resistance by faculty and students, and tremendous support for the LIU faculty from unions, elected officials and enraged professors and teachers around the city and the country the LIU ,administration caved, ended the lock out, extended the old contract and agreed to pay the health care costs cut off during the lock out.
This is a great victory!!! To all my friends here and at Fordham who moved quickly to support the locked out faculty through emails tweets and resolutions of your departments and organizations,, Thank you!!! What you did was very important. This was a test by a University President and Board of Trustees to see if a faculty union could be broken, and faculty tenure destroyed with a quick surgical strike. It failed. But it probably will be tried elsewhere so we should all remain vigilant.
In the face of powerful elites, emboldened by great wealth, who feel they can ride roughshod over the rights of teachers and students, Solidarity is our greatest weapon. When one of us is attacked, whether in a big city school system, a rural or suburban school district, or a university, all of us must come to their aid.
We did that here and the message has been heard loud and clear around the region and the nation

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