Monday, September 12, 2016

The LIU Lock Out and the Grim Choices We Face

As everyone around here knows by now I DESPISE Donald Trump and will do everything in my power to keep him out of the White House. However, just because I want to keep this particular demagogue and blowhard from being President doesn't mean that I have the slightest faith in the Democratic Party,its standard bearer or its leaders. If I needed a reminder of why I am disillusioned with the DP, I could find no better example than the failure of our Mayor, Borough President and City Council to intervene to end the LIU Lock Out, one of the worst attacks on organized labor and worker rights in NYC's recent history. I have tweeted all these "progressive" Democrats with great regularity in the last few days and have not gotten a peep out of them. Perhaps too many of their developer or Wall Street contributors are on the LIU Board, perhaps they have decided professors aren't real workers; perhaps they think that professors need more of the "test and punish" policies Democrats have inflicted on the public schools. But whatever the motivation, they seem comfortable with having faculty unionism and faculty rights tramped on the same way they have been in Republican led states like Wisconsin.
Wondering why I am feeling pretty discouraged this election season? I am trying to prevent a catastrophe knowing that if successful what I face will be the slow death of much of what I have fought for my whole life.

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