Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jose Fernandez and the American Dream

I have never seen more TV commentators become emotional than when covering the passing of Marlin's pitcher Jose Fernandez,, including Mets announcer Keith Hernandez, a notoriously tough, hard edged person. Tears are still being shed when talking about him all over sports television, three days after his untimely passing
It is not just that Fernandez was the best young pitcher in baseball, someone who put up Koufax like numbers ( he was an astonishing 29-2 at Marlin's Stadium), that he played with joy and enthusiasm, that he was loved by his teammates and everyone in the greater Miami community who met him; that his smile not only lit up the room but the stadium
It was that for his baseball peers and many others he symbolized the wonderful qualities that Latino immigrants have brought to this country at a time when their presence here has been made the subject of negative attention during a Presidential campaign
Jose Fernandez did not come here "legally" He risked his life 4 times before he finally made it to this country by boat. He came because despite all its injustices and problems, the United States represented the hope of a better life for him and his family. And he repaid his debt to this country by working hard, cultivating his skills and sharing his joy in being here with everyone around him
Is there anyone else who symbolizes the American Dream more than Jose Fernandez?
Hello Donald Trump. Are you listening?
The people you are attacking are some of the people who are working the hardest to "Make America Great"
Jose Fernandez certainly was. Rest in Peace my Cuban brother

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