Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Notorious Phd Analysis of the Debate

Donald Trump did not lose any support last night. He touched all the key talking points that have attracted supporters to him- jobs and companies leaving, immigration and law and order, Clinton email scandals.
However, Hillary Clinton's hugely confident performance, and Trump's interruptions, bullying and babbling in the later stages of the debate, will help Clinton win over undecided voters and mobilize people who are anti-Trump but skeptical of her.
This debate decisively stopped the free fall that had beset the Clinton campaign and raised many questions about Mr Trump's fitness to be President, especially on foreign policy issues. And it was Trump's health and stamina that suddenly became questionable, not Clinton's.
ALSO, for the record, Mr Trump flat out LIED about murder rates in NYC going up under Mayor Bill DeBlasio when stop and frisk rates were sharply diminished. ( see my earlier post)*
Nothing was settled last night, but the Clinton camp must be very very happy.

*Trump, Stop and Frisk and the NYC Murder Rate-
What the f..k is Donald Trump talking about regarding murders going up in NYC under Bill DeBlasio, who has reduced stop and frisks by the NYPD
Below are the number of murders in NYC, according to the NYPD website!
Bill DeBlasio was Mayor for all of 2015!
1990-- 2,262
1993-- 1927
1998-- 629
2001-- 649
This guy does need someone to FACT CHECK FOR HIM.


Jesse Turner said...

This election will be decided by women, Black, Latino, and young voters none of which Trump won over last night. She at least caught their attention. Something tells me once in the polling booth, voters will have to answer one question...am I angry enough to put a cray person in the White House. Die heart democrats and republicans will vote for who ever is on their ticket. This election will not be about die heart voters which are traditionally over counted in polls. Now Black Latino and young voters have always been undercounted. Both need them to win, and every time Trump opens his mouth he loses them.
Good analysis Mark.

pankaj karnwal said...

Nice article thanks for sharing with us.

Unknown said...

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